The tools of productivity – Customer Support

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The best way to make your time count, and stretch your ability to maintain control and order – is to have a functional, flexible, and efficient support model and process.

I have personally ravaged through many support systems and methods. One “method” was giving out my cell phones to clients with free reign. Pro: great initial relationship building. Con: terrible for self-preservation and scalability!

Systems – I’ve combed through many support systems. The one that came out on top, hands down, was Zendesk. Zendesk is a Hosted solution (never worry about inhouse IT management, scalability, upgrades, backups, etc).  Zendesk has some notable features that I use extensively.

The first feature is the built-in support tab on your website.

This makes for a great built-in feature on your website or service.


Now to get into the meat of Zendesk, and why it stands above the rest – seamless integration. When a ticket comes in, the email automatically gets routed to the best person for the ticket, based on infinitely extendable ticket routing and Ticket Management.

An extremely important part of Support, is Reporting & Analytics.


Bottom line – I was able to triple my productivity with Zendesk. Integrating into our billing and actual software systems makes for quickly solved support tickets and happy customers! Auto-Awesome

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So, I’ve been into playing music to my friends/fans in this Room (Cinnabon). (What is Check it out here)

VentureBeat has a good article about how got started, the funding they wanted – and a Business Insider article on their actual funding.

It’s a great way to find/listen to good music to listen to during the day. Part of this new-found hobby is learning the proper etiquette of the community. One of the etiquettes is to auto-vote ‘Awesome’ for each new song that a DJ plays (giving him more points/credibility/avatars). Unfortunately, when the work day gets started, as per my series on Productivity – I do not want to constantly be watching and clicking ‘Awesome’ on each song. Instead, there is a great way to automate it. I give you: TurnTable AutoVote (Javascript)

If you find yourself getting into the site (which you will) – definitely checkout the TurnTable Extended chrome extension.