The tools of productivity – Connecting and building your “Online Resume”

Reading Time: 1 minute

There are a few tools I use for connecting to my vendors/customers/business-related relationships. I’ve already talked about how much I love google apps for businesses, and one plugin that I CANNOT live without, is Rapportive.

With Rapporative, it makes it easy for me to watch each email that I get, and connect with that person in my own social media. I have tried (over the years) to keep facebook for more of friends/family, but I enjoy sharing that as well.


The two means of social networking that I would recommend, is Twitter and Linked In.

Twitter allows me to reach out to my friends/customers/vendors and show them that I am real, as well as let them see a bit of my life. This is all part of my “radical transparency” idea. LinkedIn allows me to build my “Online Resume” which customers and vendors can view all the information about it.